Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Product Review - Cellulon Magic Cube - Projection Keyboard

    Because I have Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), I can only use a computer keyboard for about two hours per day. The longer I use a keyboard, the more pain I experience. I purchased the Cellulon Magic Cube with the hope that I would be able to use it instead of my USB keyboard. I bought the Magic Cube in November, 2012 for $150. (see
    The Magic Cube projects a laser image of a keyboard onto a table or other flat surface. It uses a motion sensor and infrared technology to detect which keys are being pressed. It also functions as a pointing device.
    Unfortunately, lasers and infrared can cause symptoms in people with EHS. Not long after I turned the device on, I could feel it from across the room. I tested it out but could not use it for very long because of the strong electromagnetic radiation. Based on my limited experience, I did not think the Magic Cube was accurate enough to use as a keyboard, but there are other sites that do a better job of reviewing the accuracy of the device. In sum, this is a nifty gadget, but likely unsuitable for those with EHS.

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